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General rules and guidelines:

  1. Read the forum rules and obey
  2. Keep profanity/sexual references to a minimum this includes images and links
  3. Providing Bob with cookies is completely optional
  4. Site references when helping resolve an issue.
  5. If posting an issue/bugs/asking for aid please be detailed, but no we don’t want to know what you ate for dinner.
  6. No spamming/advertising (unless your making a guide)
  7. Trolling is allowed at a tolerable level, but please be kind.
  8. Off topic posts will be moved/deleted with no notification unless the site administrator/moderater remembers to notify the poster.
  9. In the event of a double post the duplicate post will be deleted by admin or moderator.
  10. No not post in an old thread even if it’s unresolved unless you are the original poster

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